Vide is an easy-to-use platform to enrich your content with metadata about chapters, people, places, topics and keywords. It takes advantage of the the best of AI and years of experience in the field to unlock the treasures from your assets and let your content be king again. Talk to us today for a short demo.

Vide is powered by IN2, a company with more than 15 years of experience in delivering customised solutions for managing and publishing multimedia content.

The vide platform has been developed in the course of our participation in the European Data Incubator acceleration programme tackling the VRT challenge of Automatic Chapter Detection.

Vide is one of the top startups

European Data Incubator

How vide works

4x faster than video duration

Automating Businesses

Leading The Way Metadata Create Business.

Learn how we can work together and help your realise your vision. We're revolutionizing the way metadata are created.

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